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I am a French video director. I began my road in the audiovisual industry as a conformist at Eclair | Ymagis, and later as an assistant colorist at Technicolor Mikros Image. As I worked on project after project, I delved deeper into the magical world of post-production, honing my skills as a video editor, VFX artist, and eventually VFX supervisor on a wide range of commercials and musical productions for industry giants such as Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music.


In addition to my work in post-production, I have also collaborated with script doctors and directors to perfect my writing and directing skills. In 2019, my short film "Zofia" was awarded the Best Directing Award by Pierre Aïm, and has since gone on to receive further recognition.


Throughout my career, I have always sought to infuse my storytelling with both technical and aesthetic meaning. Whether creating content for the web or television, I constantly strive to develop new concepts and techniques that will resonate with and touch people. Far from putting aside my expertise in VFXs , I work to combine it with staging to create cinematic sequences that are true to my unique vision.



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